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PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: The Energy Psychotherapy Network Therapist Directory is a resource intended to provide information about practitioners who are fully qualified and accredited psychotherapists, counsellors, art /music/drama therapists, counselling/clinical psychologists, and psychiatrists and who incorporate energy psychology into their work. All the practitioners on this list are required to be in regular energy psychotherapy supervision. Some practitioners are qualified to work with children. The inclusion of any therapist in this directory does not imply endorsement or recommendation by the Energy Psychotherapy Network. 

REGULATORY BODIES: All therapists listed are independent practitioners, regulated by their primary clinical training such as: BPC (British Psychoanalytic Council); accredited by BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy); registered with the UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy); have appropriate clinical professional regulation with HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council); or are covered by other recognised clinical therapy professional bodies

NO COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE: The Energy Psychotherapy Network does not have a regulatory or oversight role. We do not monitor, supervise, or evaluate the services provided by therapists listed in our directory. Please be aware that the Energy Psychotherapy Network does not have a complaints procedure in place. If you have concerns or complaints about a therapist you have engaged through our directory, we recommend addressing these directly with the therapist or through relevant professional bodies above mentioned. It is the responsibility of clients to verify the credentials, qualifications, and abilities of any therapist they choose to engage with. We encourage clients to conduct their own due diligence before selecting a therapist.

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We value diversity and improving access to therapy. Where possible, listed practitioners offer sliding scales. Although The Energy Psychotherapy Network cannot guarantee low – cost therapy, there are links to one or two charities and organisations facilitating access to time limited low- cost work.

Adrian Dickinson


Qualifications: B.A., M.Ed. MBCMA. BA, MEd, MBTFTA

I have had a full-time practice as an analytical psychotherapist since 1996. I have worked as a supervisor and tutor at the Westminster Pastoral Foundation and as an assessment psychotherapist at the student counselling service at University College London. Since 2007 I have trained in Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT), and Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy (PEP), and now incorporate these methods into my practice, with their healing effect on early trauma, anxiety states, depression and addictions. I am a member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, and subscribe to its code of ethics. I offer supervision for energy therapists, and can offer sessions via Skype if distance precludes face-to-face work.

Bill Dillon

Gloucester GL1 2RU

Qualifications: I trained at the Westminster Pastoral Foundation (WPF) in London and qualified as a psychodynamic psychotherapist in 2001. I am a professional member of FPC (Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling), BPC (British Psychoanalytic Council) Registered, MBACP Accredited and a member of ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Practitioners).

I have a private practice in Gloucester and I see people for a wide range of issues in long and short term therapy. I completed the Converging Streams training and graduated in 2015. I believe in the power of energy work and have integrated some energy methods into my psychotherapy practice. Those include Advance Integrative Therapy (AIT), Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy (PEP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Dynamic Energetic Healing (DEH) and Ask and Receive. I adhere to the ACEP code of ethics.

Viv Fogel

London, United Kingdom N8 9PH

Qualifications: BEd  UKCP MBACP AAMET EFT and IEP (Integrative Energy Psychotherapy)

I have been in private practice as a UKCP registered Psychosynthesis psychotherapist since 1985 and a supervisor since 1991. I became interested in mind-body intelligence and healing systems in the mid-70’s following a car accident, and since then have trained in various psycho-energetic approaches. I am a qualified EFT practitioner, trainer and mentor with the AMMET (The Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques). I integrate this energy-focused meridian therapy with psychosynthesis, a psychology that values the place of soul and the spiritual. Since 2009 I have taught and mentored psychotherapists to incorporate EFT and other psycho-energetic approaches into their clinical practices. I supervise complementary health practitioners, give talks, run courses, write and publish.

Angela Markham

Clifton, Bristol.

I’m a family Psychotherapist, accredited by the Association of Family Therapy and UKCP registered. I have had a private practice for over 23 years, working with individuals, couples and families.  Alongside this I have worked in child and adult mental health services.  Over the last 6 years I have incorporated energy psychology work into my practice, and I use this more and more with individuals.  With couples, I use ideas based on the Imago way of working.
I have found that bringing energy psychology work into my life and my practice has deepened my connection with my clients and has brought about profound change and healing.  I use techniques from AIT (Advanced Integrative Therapy), TAT (Tapas Acupressure Therapy), and DEH (Dynamic Energetic Healing).

Debbie Friedman

London NW11 0AA

Qualifications: MA in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy, UKCP registered psychotherapist & supervisor, graduate of Converging Streams course 2013-4

I have worked as a psychospiritual psychotherapist for more than 20 years and have been teaching at the Institute of Psychosynthesis since the mid 1990’s. Prior to my therapy training I came from an arts background with a particular on-going interest in creativity and meditation. My search for a methodology effective in the release of longstanding embodied trauma led me to the Converging Streams training, which I completed in 2014.

I integrate various energy methods into my psychotherapeutic work such as AIT, EFT and some practices from Donna Eden’s energy medicine system.

Sara Angelini

London SE26 in person and online

Qualifications: Post MA in Existential Counselling Psychology (BPS/hcpc) 2007, Advanced Diploma in Existential Psychotherapy (UKCP) 2008, Applied Psychology Practice Supervisor (BPS) 2017, and Energy Psychotherapy (Confer) 2022.

My framework as an energy practitioner is informed by a long-standing meditation practice and my lived experience research into creativity and energy as life force. This is supported by my personal explorations of shamanic and nature-based practices. I use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine, Chakra clearing, The Blue Diamond Healing and Ask & Receive. With the spirit of curiosity and cooperation we follow the flow, to help clear blockages and find our way back to a natural state of ease. My psychotherapeutic approach is embodied-relational informed by phenomenology, interpersonal neurobiology, and trauma research. I currently divide my time between my private practice and working for the NHS as a psychotherapist for kidney patients.

Carolyn Polunin

Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 5QN

Qualifications: MSc Integrative Psychotherapy 2012 (UKCP registered) Dip. Therapeutic Counselling Dip. Psychotherapy Cert. Couples Counselling Cert. Creative Supervision Dip. Practicing Energy Psychotherapy

My initial training was as an Integrative Psychotherapist with a core model of Transactional Analysis. A Certificate in Creative Supervision (2020, UKCP Accredited via BPA) and more recently a Diploma in Practicing Energy Psychotherapy (2023, Confer) offered me the creative and body-centred means to enrich ‘talking therapy’, making it possible to attend to trauma and bodily-held distress, while acknowledging all dimensions of the Self.

Acupoint tapping (EFT), Chakra Clearing, Ask and Receive, Blue Diamond Healing and Healing Circle work allow creativity and the wisdom of the body to guide the healing process.

Previously an external assessor of candidates completing their training at Northern Guild for Psychotherapy and co-lead for CPD workshop in Dreams and Sandplay.

More recently I’ve been involved in running a weekly support group for differently aware psychological therapists, founded by Sue Parker-Hall in 2021, to offer a safe place for therapists to discuss non-mainstream interpretations of recent world events.

I offer supervision and therapy for adults in private practice both in-person and online.

Memberships: ACEP, Therapists for Medical Freedom 

Marigold Brown

Oxford and Online

Qualifications: Foundation Course in Energy Psychotherapy (Converging Streams) Diploma in Practising Energy Psychotherapy (Confer) BA (Hons), PGCE (University of Oxford), Mst. in Psychodynamic Practice (University of Oxford), UKCP registered, MBACP registered, member of BAATN (Black, African and Asian Therapy Network), Co-Chair & Treasurer of OPS (Oxford Psychotherapy Society)

My core training is in psychodynamic principles and practice and I have worked for several years at the Oxford University Counselling Service as a psychotherapeutic counsellor and more recently as a supervisor. I was introduced to energy psychotherapy through the Converging Streams Foundation course (2019), and this training was followed by the Energy Psychotherapy course (2020-21). This year, I will be one of the teachers on the Energy Psychotherapy course.

I volunteer as a therapist for MEET, a small charity which makes Energy and EMDR trauma focused therapy accessible for Oxfordshire residents at a low cost. As well as working with individual clients, I have run short courses with MEET colleagues for the clients on our waiting list. These provide information to help them understand their symptoms and introduce a variety of self-help techniques, some of which are used in the therapy sessions.

I run a small private practice and offer both in person and online sessions. I usually integrate both psychodynamic and energy psychotherapy in these sessions, although some clients choose to begin their work with the more ‘traditional’ psychodynamic approach. I work with acupoint tapping, chakra clearing, Ask and Receive, and a number of techniques which help to calm and integrate the body and the mind. In my experience, the two modalities work very well when combined.

Jill Martin

Rutland, United Kingdom

Qualifications:UKCP Registered Integrative Psychotherapist and Supervisor; AIT Accredited Practitioner and Teacher; Energy Healing Practitioner (SIEH).

I work as an Integrative Psychotherapist and I am a member of The Minster Centre and UKCP.  Much of my clinical work now focusses on complex trauma and Supervision and I integrate energy psychotherapy approaches.

Ongoing trainings have included Energy Healing (SIEH), Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT), Spiritual Deepening (Findhorn Foundation), Shamanic Journeying (Sandra Ingerman), Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy (PEP), Dynamic Energy Healing (DEH), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Tapas Accupressure Technique (TAT).

John Monk-Steel

Leicester LE2 2BP

Qualifications: Qualified mental Health Nurse, Qualified General Nurse,  Certified Transactional Analyst (psychotherapy), Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (psychotherapy), United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy registered psychotherapist.

I have worked full time in private practice as a psychotherapist for over 25 years in private practice and prior to that worked in the NHS for 26 years. I work mainly with long term clients and undertake a lot of trauma work, with those who have suffered both childhood and adult trauma. I qualified from the Converging Streams Course and use Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy (PEP) and Dynamic Energetic Healing (DEH) methods in my psychotherapy work. I have experienced energy psychotherapy as a gentler and effective way of working with trauma.

Caroline Merry


Qualifications: MBACP Senr Accred. Counsellor/Psychotherapist. Cert AIT

I worked at the University of Oxford Counselling Service from 1994 – 2009; and in private practice since 1991. I certified as an AIT practitioner in 2009 and trained in many advanced seminars, as well as in other forms of Energy Therapy.  I work from a psychodynamic/integrative base and integrate AIT and PEP into my clinical work.  I am particularly interested in the mind/body connection, relationship issues, trauma, stress related issues and depression. I have long been interested in Energy work and have taught T’ai Chi Ch’uan and QiGong on many courses in England and abroad since 1982.

Phil Mollon

Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire.

Qualifications:BSc. MSc. PhD. Psychoanalyst (Institute of Psychoanalysis, IPA and registered with BPC), Psychotherapist (Tavistock Qualification in Adult Psychotherapy), Clinical Psychologist, DCEP Diplomate and Consultant in Comprehensive Energy Psychology [ACEP], Practitioner of Thought Field Therapy TFT dx. Qualified to Consultant level in EMDR (but no longer certified in this modality). Developer of Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy [PEP] and Blue Diamond Healing.

Dr Mollon worked full time in mental health services for the British NHS for 37 years. Since 2014, he has worked solely in private practice. His extensive study of many forms of energy psychology, combined with his psychoanalytic background, led to the development of Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy [PEP]. His ongoing exploration of deeper energies and structures, and the physics of the psyche, gave rise to Blue Diamond Healing. He has taught energy psychology widely in the UK and at international conferences. He is a past president of  the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology [ACEP], where he served on the Board for a number of years, and he remains chair of the ACEP ethics committee. He is a co-director of the Confer diploma in energy psychotherapy. 

David Monks


Qualifications: MA Psychotherapy and Healing (Middlesex University 2005)   Fellow of the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine (FICNM) BACP Registered and Accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist.

My core training is in psychotherapy Jungian and Psychodynamic principles and practice.I trained in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with Viv Fogel and in Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy with Phil Mollon in 2010, and both are refreshed and sustained by continuing CPD. I have also trained in, and extensively use Mindfulness, both as an integrated modality in my practice and personal journey. I have a major interest in the therapeutic use of sound as a part of my work and as a part of my vibrational energy work use a series of crystal singing bowls attuned to various chakras and meridians.

As an integrative psychotherapist I am able to offer a personalised approach to all of my clients. The how and why clients are drawn to us and our work is always of great interest and fascination and I am continually inspired and encouraged by the increasing numbers of clients with some awareness of energy psychology, This is further enhanced by a knowledge and application of mindfulness and my developing work with the energy and sound of crystal bowls.

Louise O’Connell

Farnham Surrey GU98BB

Qualifications: BACP Accredited and Registered Counsellor and Psychotherapist; Degree in Counselling, Post Graduate Diploma in Attachment- based Psychotherapy, Counselling Supervision post graduate Diploma

I qualified in Energy Psychotherapy through the Converging Streams programme, and in particular use EFT, Ask and Receive, Phil Mollon’s Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy method (PEP) and EMDR. I am a BACP accredited Counsellor & Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor, working within an Integrated Model of Counselling & Psychotherapy (Clarkson Model).  I integrate Attachment Based Psychotherapy and Energy Psychotherapy into my client work depending on client preference and needs and have additional training in CBT and Mindfulness.

My clients include adults who wish to work on various issues – anxiety, depression self-development, clients in recovery from addictions, trauma, clients living with chronic and life limiting illness, bereavement and personal loss, relationship difficulties, self-esteem. I have been working  in Private Practice since 2010 and have worked in Guys and St Thomas trust, Woking Hospice.  I currently work full time dividing my time between private practice and for a hospice charity based in Windsor. To find out more please visit my website or get in touch.

Nina Parker

Blackpool, Lancashire

Qualifications: MBACP Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Supervisor. BSc (Hons), Graduate Certificate in Systemic Therapy, Advanced Diploma Person Centred Therapy, Certified Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Licensed Practitioner of Integrated Eye Movement Therapy, Certificate in Supervision. I qualified in Energy Psychotherapy from the Converging Streams programme.

I integrate a wide range of methods including IFS (Internal Family Systems Therapy), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Chakra Clearing, Ask and Receive, TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) and Blue Diamond Healing. I aim to tailor the methods used to respond to each individual client’s needs and preferences. I am frequently delighted with the gentleness and effectiveness of energy methods.

I work with clients, in the short and long term, who are facing anxiety, depression, issues of loss and the many and varied effects of trauma. I have specialist experience in working with clients exploring gender variance, and considerable experience working with parents who have experienced the death of a child. I have initiated a collaboration with teachers in a local primary school to introduce EFT to children across the school to increase their resilience to stress.

In addition to working privately I work with a LGBT charity. In the past I have worked with a charity providing therapy for survivors of sexual violence and for a local hospice charity. I regularly provide training for counsellors in these environments.

I see clients in person and via Zoom or Skype.

Cindy Pearce

London N19

Qualifications: MA Psychotherapy and Healing, Adv Dip Transpersonal Psychotherapy, UKCP registered psychotherapist, graduate of Converging Streams Course 2013-4

I have worked with energy and healing for over 20 years. My psychotherapy background is in Jungian, psychodynamic and transpersonal approaches. Since training in aspects of PEP (Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy), AIT (Advanced Integrative Therapy) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), elements of these practices have become interwoven to form a unique method of energy psychology. This allows for a personalised approach adapted to each individual.  With this process we can access the language of both unspoken / unknown and known trauma, aspiration and inspiration. My experience is that once recognised this material allows for transformation through the heart, opening up to greater access of our light. Energy Psychology practices offer gentle, non re-traumatising healing alongside talking therapy.  Although energy approaches can address many issues, I have a special interest in the direct relationship with the Self and the beliefs that restrict self-love. I am drawn to work with those people who want to reconnect with their heart.

Heather Redington


Qualifications:MA, UKCP reg psychotherapist

I am an integrative psychotherapist and have been in private practice in the Swindon and the South West area for fifteen years. I have also worked for over twenty years as a family therapist in Child and Adolescent Mental Health. I have a particular interest in working people who have had a good foundation in their own therapy but who wish to focus on remaining core issues through energy psychology modalities.

I have trained extensively in energy psychology approaches in the UK, US and Europe. I was a founding member of Converging Streams, a network of mental health professionals which offered offer training and supervision in energy psychotherapy and I taught regular courses on energy psychotherapy to mental health professionals in London and Oxford.

I also offer regular courses on Zoom in a form of meditation called Heart Rhythm Meditation(HRM) an applied meditation practice which centres on the heart and the breath. HRM incorporates a deep understanding of breath and has many correspondences with energy psychology modalities. As such it may be of interest to anyone who wishes to develop an embodied spiritual practice. Please contact me by email for further information about upcoming courses.

Jane Riordan

Farnham, Surrey

Qualifications: MA Gestalt Psychotherapy, Gestalt Centre Diploma in Individual and Group Psychotherapy, Diploma in Supervision,  UKCP registered psychotherapist and supervisor

In integrating working with energy into my Gestalt practice I have found that the method most beneficial to my clients is to work with a DEH (Dynamic Energetic Healing) framework within which I am using Gestalt psychotherapy and a growing variety of energy methods.  Having worked for many years with children and families I have a particular interest in early and transgenerational trauma.  I have supervised psychotherapists, counsellors and those in the helping professions for many years.  I work both face to face and with Skype.

Ruthie Smith

London, SE1 London, UK: working at The Flame Centre and on zoom

Qualifications: B.A.; P.G.Dip S.W.; U.K.C.P. Registered Attachment Based Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist ( Bowlby Centre) and training in various energy modalities.

I have worked as a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist since 1987, including 20 years at The Women’s Therapy Centre and 10 years as Principal Adult Psychotherapist in the NHS. Having been fascinated by energy and spirituality, I have trained in various forms of energy since 1990 and worked to find ways to integrate them into my therapy practice. I started The Flame Centre in London, a Psycho-Spiritual Psychotherapy and Trauma Centre where I work as an energy psychotherapist and supervisor and run Flame meditation and theme – centred retreats in Norfolk. I helped develop the Converging Streams trainings in energy psychotherapy and the Confer Diploma in Energy Psychotherapy where I am joint Senior Course Director with Phil Mollon. I also teach, lecture and supervise on various psychotherapy training courses, seminars, CPD events and conferences. My hobbies include music (jazz saxophone and classical singing) and gardening.

Karyn Segers

Cumbria LA12 7LT & Online

Qualifications: Registered Member of UKCP, ACEP, NSTT, Awaken School of Outcome Orientated Psychotherapies
Energy Psychotherapy DIP, PG Dip in Outcome Oriented Psychotherapies, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy DIP, Intermediate Clinical Hypnotherapy Cert, NLP Practitioner Cert. Psychology DIP, Reiki Master Teacher Degree, Advanced Reiki Training in the Usui System of Natural Healing Cert, in the Usui System of Natural Healing Cert, Usui Shiki Ryoho Second Degree level in the Usui System of Natural Healing Cert, Usui Shiki Ryoho First Degree level in the Usui System of Natural Healing Cert, Hands-on Healing Therapy Cert. Anatomy and Physiology DIP, Reflexology Level 3 Cert. IIHHT.

Hello, my name is Karyn Segers and I am the Owner and Therapist of Awaken Inner Sense. With over 16 years of experience, I specialize in Energy Psychotherapy, Integrative & Outcome focused Psychotherapy, Hypno-Psychotherapy, Inner Child Healing Therapy, Past Life Healing/Regression, and Family Constellation/Ancestral Healing and Motivation Breakthrough Coaching, Reiki and Soul Healing.

My passion lies in bringing integrative, holistic, transformational and progressive healing to individuals, helping them to overcome mental health challenges such as, to name a few – anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse, inner child related issues, as well as generational and spiritual related issues. I work with people of all ages, ranging from 18-94 years old.

My qualifications include; Energy Psychotherapy DIP, PG Dip in Outcome Oriented Psychotherapies, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy DIP, Intermediate Clinical Hypnotherapy Cert, NLP Practitioner Cert. Psychology DIP, Reiki Master Teacher Degree, Advanced Reiki Training in the Usui System of Natural Healing Cert, in the Usui System of Natural Healing Cert, Usui Shiki Ryoho Second Degree level in the Usui System of Natural Healing Cert, Usui Shiki Ryoho First Degree level in the Usui System of Natural Healing Cert, Hands-on Healing Therapy Cert. Anatomy and Physiology DIP.

I am an Accredited member of the UKCP (United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapists), a fellow member of ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology), the NSTT (National Society of Talking Therapies), and a Registered member of Awaken School of Outcome-Oriented Psychotherapies Ltd.

I am based in the Lake District, Cumbria, and offer in-person and zoom sessions.

Tessa Underwood


Qualifications: B.Sc., Dip.Clin.Psychol; Chartered Clinical Psychologist; (HCPC  registered PYL22674); Cognitive Analytic Therapist ( ACAT accredited);  Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) certified EP therapist

I have approximately 30 years’ experience working in the NHS working therapeutically with people of all ages including children and end of life care. As a clinical psychologist, my specialist areas included: complex mental health including psychosis, complex trauma and dissociative disorders; learning disabilities and autism; eating disorders and addictions; and children’s palliative care. I worked with individuals, groups and families and offered individual and group supervision to staff. I currently practise as an energy psychotherapist which allows me to work beyond ‘talking therapy’ to integrate the gentle powerful methods of energy. These are key and very beneficial when working with trauma. I taught on the original ‘Converging Streams’ energy therapy trainings and as part of the core teaching team have been involved in developing the Confer Diploma in Energy Psychotherapy.

Priscila Moura MBACP

London N4 & Online

Qualifications: I trained at the Minster Centre in London in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy and hold a Diploma in Practising Energy Psychotherapy from Confer. I am BACP-registered and a member of ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology).

I offer brief or open-ended therapy in English or Portuguese, in person or online. As well as working in private practice, in the past I have worked as a counsellor for a bereavement service, four universities, a well-known mental health organisation and a multi-ethnic counselling service. I currently work as a student counsellor at the University of Westminster – I particularly enjoy working with young adults. My approach is integrative, a blend of contemporary psychodynamic psychotherapy and energy psychotherapy practices such as EFT, AIT and Blue Diamond Healing.

Qualifications: PhD in Music therapy, MA in Art Therapy,  Diplomas in Process Oriented Psychotherapy, Energy Psychotherapy, Core Energetics Counselling. Group Facilitator and Teacher expert in special pedagogy and inclusion of special needs and disabled  children and adults. 

I speak fluently Italian, English and French. I have more than twenty years’ experience of working as music and art therapist with groups and individuals in schools and mental health local national centres (CIM), to promote inclusion and healthy social and emotional development.

I work in Oxford  and London with children and young people at risk, couples and groups, integrating music, movement and art therapy with energy psychotherapy, mindfulness and body centred approaches.  

My experience in the Italian full inclusive school system as music therapist and special educational needs teacher, have enhanced my skills to support the healthy development of children, family and teachers, with an holistic and person centred vision. I believe that the human potential is the resource for a sustainable collective future, and I work with each client attuning to their specific and unique needs to support the development of their full potential.

Hermione Brown

Tavistock, Devon Online

Qualifications: Dip. Energy Psychotherapy, Psycho-Spiritual Shamanism, Applied Family Constellations Facilitator, BSc Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counselling. Higher Accredited Member of UKAHPP

If you are looking for a sense of wholeness and completeness in your life, then I can help you. That might mean a sense of purpose, a connection to something that is greater than yourself, trusting your intuition or a releasing and letting go of old stories, resentments and identities.

I work at a soul level to help you achieve the life that you want to live, by releasing the blocks and the beliefs that stop you. The roots of these blocks and beliefs could be from your childhood, from ancestral trauma or from past lives. You don’t need to believe in ancestral trauma or past lives in order to clear the energy that is stopping you. In some ways you could just say that these are metaphors. All you need is an open mindedness to something greater than yourself and a willingness to feel and release any difficult emotions that have got stuck, whatever the roots are.

I have trained in many different modalities which gives me a very broad understanding of what might need releasing, clearing or healing. I have a very grounded understanding of what it is to be human and how we develop in to the adults that we are. I work psycho-spiritually, at a soul level to help you grow and develop in to the person you want to be and to lead the life that you want to live.

 I use a combination of energy psychotherapy, dynamic energetic healing, psycho-spiritual therapeutic shamanism, family constellation and integrative psychotherapeutic counselling. Using these methods helps us find the root cause of the distress, blocks and patterns, and to clear and heal them quickly and easily. 

Maria Alda Gomez-Otero

Exeter, Devon EX4 3LS & online

Qualifications: Higher Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy, MA in Integrative Psychotherapy, MBACP (Accred), Accredited EFT Practitioner, Certified AIT Practitioner (Basics, MAP, Presence and Dissociation), Diploma in Practising Energy Psychotherapy. Member of ACEP. Completed Complex Trauma Certification Level I & II (CCTP I & CCTP II) with Janina Fisher. Former Tai Chi and Qigong instructor.

I became a psychotherapist after being profoundly inspired by the transformative impact of somatic therapy, which I witnessed while serving as an interpreter for survivors of torture. This experience brought me to complete a masters’ degree in integrative psychotherapy in 2012. Since then, I’ve done CPD in various therapeutic modalities, incl. polyvagal theories, IFS, and trauma-based approaches, incorporating those that resonated with me and seemed to effect change.

In my practice, I often liken traditional talking therapy to taking a scenic road trip, certain energy psychotherapy techniques to travelling by car on a motorway, and others to flying. I am ready to accompany each client using any of these approaches, tailoring my methods to suit their unique paths, and challenges. One aspect of my approach that I particularly value is working with the ‘language of the parts’. This technique helps to dissolve self-judgement, fostering a more compassionate self-awareness. Additionally, I integrate somatic practices, including energy psychotherapy techniques, which are my preferred ones for its gentleness and effectiveness. 

I am especially interested in working with people who are looking at leaving behind the effects of past trauma, including spiritual, transgenerational, pre-birth, birth, and childhood trauma.

Energy techniques: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT), Ask and Receive, Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy (PEP), and the Blue Diamond Healing.

Bilingual in English and Spanish, with a strong proficiency in French, I am able to connect with a diverse range of clients.

Bridget McConnell

Godalming, Guildford Surrey GU7


BA (Hons) Counselling/ Psychotherapy, FdSc Humanistic Counselling, Supervision Diploma, CBT Certificate, Certificate in Counselling Young People, Foundation Certificate in Polyvagal Theory, Focusing Oriented Introductory Certificate, Energy Psychotherapy Diploma, Cyber Therapist Certificate (YP specialism).

I work with adults and young people face-to-face and online. My original training is in Humanistic Psychotherapy and my approach integrates Gestalt, Psychosynthesis, Attachment Theory and some CBT. I specialise in creative interventions with an embodied and trauma informed emphasis. I completed the Energy Psychotherapy Diploma with Confer and include EFT, Ask and Receive, chakra clearing and healing circle archetypes in my work.

I am an accredited member of the BACP, fully insured and DBS checked. My experience includes NHS counselling in primary care, youth counselling in various agencies and school counselling. I also lecture in counselling and am an experienced supervisor.  

Previous to my counselling career I practiced holistic therapies and have over 25 years’ experience in holistic health and energy work. I have a particular interest in mental health and the body. I find that integrating creative interventions such as drawing, sand tray and visual imagery with energy psychotherapy techniques offers a gentle yet powerful approach that enables our ‘bodies to do the talking’ in ways that reach deeper than words alone.

Paul Croal

London Stockwell SW9 9EB

Qualifications: UKCP reg. MBACP reg. COSRT accredited. ATSAC accredited. EFT international member. ACEP member

I have been working in private practice since 2003 and am UKCP reg, COSRT accredited and  BACP reg. I am an integrative transpersonal psychotherapist and supervisor trained at CCPE. I am also a sex, relationship and couples therapist -COSRT accredited. I have been on the core staff at CCPE since 2006-teaching , supervising and lecturing

I have engaged with ongoing learning with energy psychotherapy for the past 9 years. I  am fascinated in how energy psychotherapies heal and integrate swiftly and profoundly. I enjoy working creatively with imagery, dreams and archeypes but meet clients where they are and follow their process closely.

Suzie Wood

Brighton & Hove, UK (Sessions available in person and online)

Qualifications: BSc. (Psychology), MSc. (Psychology), PGCE, PGDip. (Psychodynamic Theory and Practice), Advanced Diploma (Psychodynamic Counselling),  TFT-Alg (Thought Field Therapy Practitioner), Certificate in Practising Energy Psychotherapy

I am a BACP registered Psychodynamic Psychotherapist working in private practice with adults in Brighton and Hove. I am also an Energy Psychotherapist and initially trained in TFT at the UK Institute of Thought Field Therapy in 2017, later completing a clinical training in Energy Psychotherapy. I integrate techniques such as acupoint tapping, chakra clearing, Ask and Receive, Blue Diamond Healing and PEP into my therapeutic work.  I am very interested in the mind-body connection and continue to explore ways of accessing the body’s deep intelligence to facilitate healing from trauma. I also teach and supervise on the one year clinical training in Energy Psychotherapy (previously run by Confer).

Diane Glover

Brighton BN2 1DA and London W1A 9ET

Qualifications: BPC British Psychoanalytic Council IPA  International Psychoanalytic Association BPA Member British Psychoanalytic Association BPF Senior Member British Psychotherapy Foundation

Diane is a psychoanalyst and energy psychotherapist who has practised privately for 24 years in London and Brighton. She teaches psychoanalytic theory and supervises the clinical work of psychotherapists and trainees. She has also worked in NHS and school settings. She uses energy psychotherapy techniques to complement her psychoanalytic work. She finds it especially effective where trauma and anxiety are present.

Coral Westaway

Somerset BS40 Only line sessions only

Qualifications: Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (2016).  Certificate and Diploma in Person-Centred Counselling (2009).  BA in Social Psychology (2004). Energy Psychotherapy (Confer, 2021).  Converging Streams Energy Psychotherapy (2019).  Internal Family Systems Foundation (2020).  EMDR (2018)

I am a Clinical Psychologist with extensive experience working in primary and secondary care services supporting adults and specialising in supporting those with histories of complex or developmental traumas.  In private practice I offer individual therapy and supervision, integrating a variety of energy therapy methods.  Having gone through my own personal adventure with cancer, applying all that I knew to my own healing, I am experienced and practiced in working with the interplay between mind and body.  I have an interest in non-ordinary states of consciousness and the current psychedelic assisted therapy renaissance and have experience supporting people with intention setting and integration work around these experiences.

I bring warmth, care, humour and extensive experience to allow you to feel heard, understood, empowered and importantly, to experience deep, meaningful change. I work from a whole person perspective to help people process and move through old traumas, patterns, beliefs and experiences. I am passionate about being authentic and valuing our individual uniqueness.

Judith Anderson


Qualifications: MB ChB MA Jungian Analytical Psychotherapist, UKCP Registered Psychotherapist, Professional Member West Midlands Institute of Psychotherapy

I am a Jungian Psychotherapist. I have an interest in trauma and integrate PEP (Psychoanalytic Energy Therapy), DEH (Dynamic Energetic Healing)  TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique), Ask and Receive and Logosynthesis into my practice. I have supervised psychotherapists and counsellors for many years. Some of my work is done face to face and I also meet with clients and supervisees on Zoom.

Rebecca Cooper

London, United Kingdom E2

Qualifications: UKCP registered psychotherapist; AIT accredited  practitioner

I have worked for over 25 years as an integrative psychotherapist and have a particular interest in the part that the body plays in the therapeutic process – a subject I taught for many years at the Minster Centre.  I also work with the energy centers in the body and integrate this into my therapeutic work together with AIT.  I have found AIT to be a powerful and extraordinary process which brings together our feeling, mental, physical and spiritual being, dealing with the profoundest traumas in a way that is safe and non traumatizing.

Christine Manning

AL5 1BP and on webcam

Qualifications: Accredited member of the BACP, professional member of the Association for Counselling and Therapy Online.

My life experience is varied and sometimes unplanned – I’ve been unemployed, a waitress, a cleaner, a solicitor, and raised a family.  I have lived as a curiosity abroad and as an unremarkable person in the UK.  Contact with other people has added relish to all these stages in life.

I have worked with adults of different ages, nationalities and sexual orientations, and supported them through various difficulties – anxiety, depression, loneliness, loss, overwhelm, emotional difficulties, the effects of health problems, family difficulties, and difficulties that have arisen through adverse childhood experiences.  I welcome older adults.

Talking therapy can be effective, but it seems that a mind/body approach, such as Energy Psychotherapy, can be extremely effective in loosening the grip of old hurts and managing anxieties.

I work with acupoint tapping, chakra clearing and Ask and Receive, and also have an interest in exploring exercises which calm the body and clear the mind.

I work face-to-face in my consulting room in Harpenden.  I also offer webcam therapy to people throughout the UK, and to English speakers elsewhere in the world, where permissible under the regulatory system of that country.

Karen Stowe

St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex, TN38 0LU


The Minster Centre, London: Diploma & MA in Integrative Psychotherapy, UKCP registered.

Converging Streams Energy Psychotherapy training, 2016

Member of ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology).

I have been practicing as an integrative psychotherapist since 2009 and began integrating energy psychology methods into my approach after completing the Converging Streams training. I have always been interested in the Mind-Body connection and have found that energy methods provide a deep and gentle way to access and heal trauma and distress that are held in the body, in a way that talking therapy on its own cannot do.

I integrate AIT (chakra clearing), EFT tapping, Ask and Receive and TAT (Tapas Acupressure Treatment) into my work, as well as Phil Mollon’s Blue Diamond work and other energy techniques that help to calm the nervous system and provide relief from trauma symptoms. Many of these techniques are simple and easy for clients to learn and integrate into their daily lives, thereby empowering them to support their own healing process.

Since 2014 I have been a volunteer therapist at MEET in Oxford – a low-cost therapy service, that offers EMDR and Energy Psychology approaches to treat trauma and PTSD ( In 2023 I was appointed as Clinical Lead, with the remit to develop the charity and meet the increasing demand for our services.