Healthy Healer Retreat With Prune Harris


An exciting intimate residential retreat with the fabulous Prune Harris is planned for this Autumn, in October. Guaranteed to nurture us as practitioners!


Dates – October 25th-27th

Venue – Penny Brohn Centre, near Bristol

Cost – c. £700 (includes own room and all meals)

Please contact Carol on to express interest or with any questions.

Prune has shared the following overview of the weekend:

One of the most important questions we can ask ourselves each day is ‘What do I need today to be me?’ Or, if we ask it another way, ‘How can I deeply nourish myself today’. There is subtle and unspoken collective shadow concept within the world of healing that your client’s health, vitality and wellbeing is more important than your own health, vitality and wellbeing. How many times have you put your professional life in a place of greater priority than your personal life? How many days have you felt tired and spread too thin at the end of a working day? When you work within the healing profession, it is essential that you live in balanced energetic exchange so that your work is sustainable at the level of your body, your mind and your soul.  

I would love to share with you ways that you can understand and nurture your energy to ensure that you are able to be nourished by your work and place yourself in the rightful position of most beloved of your own heart.  In this ‘Healthy Healer retreat’ we will dive into the structures of your energetic anatomy that support your health, vitality and joy, as well as how to activate a different level of practitioner consciousness within your own energy fields so that you are able to feel rejuvenated and replenished in your professional life. You have chosen your world-work because of your deep and loving care for health, wellbeing and harmony; let’s ensure it is empowered it in your own life too.


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