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In May 2013 ISSSEEM announced the launch of a professional-grade website for its archive of the peer-reviewed Journal of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (SEEMJ).

Journal of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine archive all volumes now available free on-line

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Killing Me Softly: EFT and trauma that manifests as physical pain

A very interesting article by Viv Fogel

This article was published in Private Practice, Spring 2014 issue, published by BACP. ©

Available  on the journal pages on the Private Practice website

Killing me SoftlyFogel

Using Energy Psychology in a CAMHS setting

Article by Heather Redington about her experience of using Energy Psychology in a CAMHS setting. Using energy psychology

Feinstein paper

David Feinstein’s recent paper gives a comprehensive overview of research evidence for acupoint stimulation in treating psychological disorders. This paper is published in the APA’s Review of General Psychology.


Evidence for Energy Psychology methods

Evidence for the clinical effectiveness of therapeutic methods derived from energy psychology include:


Thousands of brief case studies
Systematic clinical observation studies
Randomised controlled studies
Brain Scan data
Studies of effects on Heart Rate Variability
Field studies of treatment of PTSD in disaster areas
Audio-visual recordings showing behavioural change
A 14 year audit in South America, incorporating numerous randomised controlled double blind trials demonstrating the superiority of these methods over cognitive behavioural and medication treatments.
Staffordshire University is pioneering the research into the effectiveness of  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping in the UK.
For the current state of Energy Psychology research see the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychologies (ACEP) website:
Some would say that there is a much greater research evidence base for energy psychology methods than for most other interventions within mental health services.


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