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How Did We Get to Modern Energy Psychology
Phil Mollon

Phil Mollon is an authority when it comes to Energy psychotherapy and introducing energy psychology methods in the UK. His website has many articles on these techniques and other equally interesting topics.

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How Did We Get to Modern Energy Psychology

Phil Mollon Website

Killing Me Softly
EFT and trauma that manifests as physical pain
Viv Fogel

A very interesting article in which Viv Fogel explains her highly intuitive and knowledgeable way of working. You can find more articles on her website.

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Killing Me Softly by Viv Fogel

Viv Fogel Website

Using Energy Psychology
PE used in a CAMHS setting
Heather Redington

An insightful article by Heather Redington about her experience of using Energy Psychology in a CAMHS setting. 

Using energy psychology

Tapping the Body's Healing Powers
Heather Redington

Heather Redington describes how energy psychology, combined with
psychotherapy, can offer a form of first aid treatment for severe trauma

Tapping the Body’s Healing Powers

A Gestalt Perspective On Energy Psychotherapy
Sandra Figgess

Do not miss this article by Sandra Figgess in which she explains the suitability of combining Gestalt methods with energy psychotherapy techniques. 

Tapping the Body’s Healing Powers

Energy psychotherapy: What is it and how can it help me?
Hermione Brown

Brief introduction to energy psychotherapy on Hermione Brown’s Blog.

Energy Psychotherapy: What is it and how can it help me?


Evidence for Energy Psychology methods - This section is being updated - Some of the links might not work - Come back soon!

Evidence for the clinical effectiveness of therapeutic methods derived from energy psychology include:


Thousands of brief case studies
Systematic clinical observation studies
Randomised controlled studies
Brain Scan data
Studies of effects on Heart Rate Variability
Field studies of treatment of PTSD in disaster areas
Audio-visual recordings showing behavioural change
A 14 year audit in South America, incorporating numerous randomised controlled double blind trials demonstrating the superiority of these methods over cognitive behavioural and medication treatments.
Staffordshire University is pioneering the research into the effectiveness of  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping in the UK.
For the current state of Energy Psychology research see the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychologies (ACEP) website:
Some would say that there is a much greater research evidence base for energy psychology methods than for most other interventions within mental health services.


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Mollon P (2008) A Systematic Review of the Evidence Base for Energy Psychology Methods from Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy Karnac UK (extract on website) Evidence base Psychology.pdf


Sise M, Leskowitz E, Stein PK, Tranguch A (2014) Critical Thinking in the Energy Therapies: Comments on Gaudiano et al (2012) published on ACEP website