Continuing Professional Development & Clinical Training

EPN Continued Professional Development (CPD) Offerings

The Energy Psychotherapy Network (EPN) provides a clear central pathway of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for energy psychotherapy. Aligning with the core training provided by Energy Psychotherapy Training Ltd (EPT), these offerings help cement and develop learning following on from the one-year clinical training course. For this reason, only the CPD opportunities which align with EPT’s foundational training are listed on our website.

Other CPD Events Circulated for Your Information

Other CPD events, which may be of interest to the energy psychotherapy community, will be placed in a separate context. These events, categorised as external events, may not adhere to EPN practice and ethical guidelines although they may nonetheless be of interest. We recommend that you perform your own due diligence to determine if these trainings/events align with the furtherment of your professional needs and standards.

Some of these events will simply be circulated via the EPN mailing list or newsletter and will not be listed on the website.

EPN’s Core Tenets of Safety and Grounding in Energy Psychotherapy

The EPN and EPT are sister companies who stand for the training in and good practice of energy psychotherapy. All qualified practitioners are accredited UK psychotherapists and counsellors who are bound by the ethical guidelines of their professional bodies. We train qualified therapists from a variety of therapeutic disciplines and our depth courses are commensurate in quality with other professional trainings. Safety is a priority when working with trauma and all its complexities, so all psychotherapists are required to have core therapeutic skills and competencies prior to training. These include: capacities for holding, containing and working in a boundaried way; and an understanding of psychodynamics (including transference and projection), developmental stages and the role of attachment and the therapeutic relationship. 

Future Depth Post Graduate Clinical Trainings in Energy Psychotherapy 

The next online Post Graduate Clinical Training in Energy Psychotherapy run by Energy Psychotherapy Training Ltd will begin in September 2025. (The training lasts for one year, or one and a half years if you take the Certificate level.) For further information or to be put on our waiting list : please send an email via the EPN website or contact

Continuing Professional Development & Clinical Training